Meet Murray. He's living on the other side of the world, unsure of himself, stuck in a job he doesn't particularly like, and is unfortunately also a werwolf. This is the story of his life, his friends and their rather bizarre misadventures. It's got a few vampires in it, but we're pretty sure it's better than Twilight. Maybe.

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Murray Manson- Werewolf

Murray was born in Kilkenny,Ireland to parents who are dead now, and was turned into a werewolf in circumstances completely unrelated to his parents' death. He spent some years in a foster home before being adopted at age 13 and moving to Dublin. Murray moved to Sydney a few years ago and hasn't really been back, because he is very lazy. His hobbies are writing,photography,not going outside,and trying to not have dissociative episodes where he eats peoples' faces.

Shannon 'Shaz' Arcuni- Ghoul

Shaz is the second oldest of four, and was a complete menace in their youth. Thankfully, their child psychologist introduced them to painting therapy and Adderal, and now Shaz is a succesful adult with a job and a constructive outlet for their weird emotions and desire to eat people. Shaz is the kind of person who uses art as an excuse to do bizarre things and rarely makes sense to anyone, including themselves. Nobody knows why they haven't been fired. Shaz's favourite food is all of them.

Camille Domino- Vampire

Camille was born in Paris, but died in Milan, where she was sentenced to death after beating her husband to death with a frying pan. Her attitude has not improved in the 80 years since. Camille is going out with Murray, who also lives in her house. She likes parkour and fighting, speaks 5 languages,and has kind of a thing about germs even though she can't get sick.

Angelica Pasternak- Crazy Russian

Angelica- Ange to her friends- describes herself as a happy sunshine pony made of rainbows. Her English isn't great, and she's almost perpetually intoxicated, but she knows a lot about nuclear physics. Her favourite movies are usually ungodly horrible grindhouse pictures about robots. She has a fraternal twin named Vlad, who is also into physics and works in a remote research lab. Like all twins, they maintain near-constant telepathic contact.

Libby Neon- Veterenarian of Questionable Intent

Libby is Angelica's roommate. She is a very sensible adult who puts hot sauce on everything and blames a lot of things on the Reptoid Death Conspiracy. She is a vegetarian and friend to all animals, but struggles with interpersonal communication and generally thinks most humans can go jump off a cliff. Libby has a pet velociraptor named Marvin, rides a motorcycle, and has a really hot pair of glasses.

Shaun- "Vegetarian" Bloodsucker

Shaun is an aswang and second-generation immigrant who is struggling to find his purpose in life. He lives with Shaz in a basement, but spends most of his time sucking the fluids out of livestock with his scary tongue. Shaun usually thinks he's pretty deep and has good ideas because he smokes The Cannabis. He has given up shoes because they are a social construct.

Eric- Badly Constructed Medical Zombie

Eric is the brainchild of a few stoned med students with too much free time. His body used to be several tourists, and his brain used to belong to Leo Burnett. He is well known in the advertising industry for getting things done. Eric is a somewhat lapsed Muslim and is married with two daughters. His wife is also an amalgamation of corpses, and they did a less shitty job on her by a long shot.

Jenna- Token Human Employee

Jenna transferred from the Brisbane branch because she wanted to give herself a fresh start and move away from everyone who knew her before she had boobs or was named Jenna. She is already considering quitting and nobody can really blame her. Jenna has a lot of cats and hummel figurines. Please be nice to Jenna.


Zelda Frankenstein is your new bicycle. She goes by many names; Stephen is not one of them, but Meg definitely is. Sometimes she dresses up as a professional tennis player and fights crime, but not very often. Bloody Urban draws from her interests in supernatural characters, horror imagery, surreal comedy, German silent movies with trippy backgrounds, and the lives of people more interesting than herself.

In addition to being a professional bigfoot hunter and conspiriacy theorist, Zelda is also an Australian in real life who drives a bird ambulance and produces short animated content for the youtubes.

Outside of conducting a dodgy seance, the best ways to contact Zelda Frankenstein are