Meet Murray. He's living on the other side of the world, unsure of himself, stuck in a job he doesn't particularly like, and is unfortunately also a werwolf. This is the story of his life, his friends and their rather bizarre misadventures.
It's got a few vampires in it, but we're pretty sure it's better than Twilight.


09 Apr 2016 02:38 am

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Shaz should stop destroying ipads.
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Asquidcalledzelda, 09 Apr 2016 02:42 am
This week's special guest star: Their Actual boss I've had Griffin as a character design for like 5 years but I haven't used him at all for some reason??
Anyway yeah ad people get really cool offices in real life and that kind of makes me want to work in advertising.
Too busy/tired to do backgrounds this week.


Advertisement, 26 Oct 2016 08:09 am