Meet Murray. He's living on the other side of the world, unsure of himself, stuck in a job he doesn't particularly like, and is unfortunately also a werwolf. This is the story of his life, his friends and their rather bizarre misadventures. It's got a few vampires in it, but we're pretty sure it's better than Twilight. Maybe.


March 15th, 2015, 12:10 am

because dogs can't see green. it's funny.
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Asquidcalledzelda, March 15th, 2015, 12:22 am
This week's special guest star: updating on a Sunday like I keep sayng I'm gonna do Happy St. Patrick's Day! For Tuesday!
I have been wanting to canonically establish that Shaz isn't any specific gender without having to go back and change his pronouns because I have retconned this comic to hell and back and I think that confuses people. (I mean there are maybe two times anyone in-universe has actually referred to him with gendered pronouns so if I wanted to use different ones I think I could?? )
Anyway I found out that the quickest way to establish that a character is queer without clunky exposition is to put them in a MOGAI-themed Zazzle shirt. Also lipstick.
Fun True Science Fact! There are like 4 vertebrates that have green blood. The stuff that makes the blood green is an enzyme that destroys your liver if you have too much of it in your body so protip: if you ever find a samkos bush frog, don't eat it.


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